I have a confession to make: I have a serious home-renovation TV addiction… I talk about Jonathan and Drew like we are friends, I follow Tarek and Christina on Instagram, and I know the names of all the Gaines’ children. It’s that bad. Other than Wheel of Fortune (more of my love of Wheel of Fortune at a later date), HGTV is pretty much the only channel on in our home. Unless my husband is making me watch shows about Alaska… and there are SO MANY shows about Alaska.

Nic works in new home construction so I figured he’d be all in for a house that needed some renovations. I think he was thinking more along the lines of replacing carpet and I, on the other hand, like to pretend I’m Joanna Gaines and want to blow out walls and put Carrera Marble everywhere. Unfortunately, we don’t have the skill-set or the budget to pull that off, and we don’t we live in Waco. But, I was still able to convince Nic we needed a “Fixer Upper.” (It only took two years!) I am, however, sure this house is not what he had in mind when he agreed.

Here’s a little preview…


It basically needs a full gut (I’m only fancy with my terminology because of several hundred hours of Property Brothers). I know, I know, the wallpaper and that wood paneling are gorgeous and I should keep the 70’s in full swing…And no, we aren’t keeping the pool table… much to my husband’s dismay. But we absolutely love the mid-century modern style of this home. It’s going to be a whirlwind of a project, but I cannot wait to see what this renovation has in store for us!

Posted by:Hannah Young

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