I should note that I am super cheesy. I like to shout things like “Team Young” if we complete even the most basic task, and every time we walk into the house together I pause dramatically and say to Nic, “Are you ready to see your Fixer Upper?” using my best Joanna Gaines impersonation. My husband just rolls his eyes, bless him, he is a patient man.

Basically, in my head I imagined we’d go in, tear some stuff down for a day, step back and think “OH MY GOD LOOK HOW OPEN EVERYTHING IS,” and then demo would be done and we’d put everything back together. Oh how wrong I was. We are officially a week into demo and I see no end in sight. They neglect to show how much you actually have to clean during and after every single step of demo on HGTV. I had zero clue how many dump trailers full of gut it would take to get rid of everything we pulled (mostly Nic, but I DID rip up all the carpet so I count too, right?) out of the house.

Here’s a little peak at what demo actually looks like:


One of forty-five thousand piles of trash. The struggle continues to be more real than I imagined.


One day, this will be a kitchen… until that day just close your eyes real hard and pretend you’re on Pinterest.


The biggest transformation so far has been robbing a bookcase to expand the master bathroom! I cannot believe how different the whole space feels with just a few extra square feet.

Hopefully one day in the next seventeen years (endlessly dramatic, y’all) this house will be done and I can start buying furniture.


Posted by:Hannah Young

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