Little man is super active, he gears up at exactly 7:50 every single night and I laugh every time. Actually WATCHING him move is the weirdest/most amazing thing ever. It’s hard to believe that I’m growing an actual human, I don’t think it has fully hit either of us yet, I don’t know if it will truly feel real until he is actually in our arms.

HOW I’M FEELING: Heartburn is still a daily battle, I am having a little more difficulty sleeping because he wants to party around 3am and I have to pee every 45 minutes, but I am physically fine. Getting slower, and possibly need help getting out of the bathtub, but fine.

MOVEMENT:  I love that I can SEE him move now, and he definitely not a quiet presence. Our OB told us he was officially in the head down position and that was semi-alarming because I realized there was actually a HEAD IN MY BODY. Pregnancy is so weird y’all, so weird! (Like, my Bump app told me he was peeing in me!!!! WTF!)

SIZE:  He is currently the size of a stalk of celery!

CRAVINGS: This is a strange one but I am ALL about some milk right now — paired with some Tollhouse straight-from-the-oven cookies, of course, but the milk is really the best part. And I am so not a milk girl so I’m calling it a craving.

BELLY BUTTON: Is hanging on for dear life but still semi-visible.

WEIRDEST THING THIS WEEK: You know that feeling when you fall asleep but instantly wake yourself up and jump a little? This tiny human totally did that earlier this week and it was by far the weirdest (but also wonderful) feeling I have had this entire pregnancy!



Posted by:Hannah Young

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